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Single Use Bronchoscope with hand


SKU: EM-BRH-604012

Single-use Bronchoscope Free Line

  • outer diameter ø 4,0mm
  • working chanel ø 1,2mm
  • lenght 600mm
  • rotation 210°/210°.
  • Working with dedicated processor and High Definition Monitor.


Endomac Single-use Bronchoscope is developed for changing the quality of the imaging:

1080P imaging output capability and the Full HD Monitor are significant for getting more details about the bronchogenic vascular abnormalities.


Single-Use Bronchoscope means:

  • savings in maintenance and repair costs
  • products always ready and efficient
  • reducing the risk of cross infections
  • portable: light weight and compact
  • always ready to go, no need to wait for reprocessing
  • Ultra-compact and power-efficient CMOS
  • HD video at 30 frames per second (fps).


The bronchoscope is sterilizable by immersion and in ethylene oxide

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