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EPX-3500HD Fujinon Electronic Video Endoscopy System

EPX-3500HD Fujinon Electronic Video Endoscopy System


Hi Definition images and superior functions for advanced endoscopic diagnostics and therapy.
High image quality. The EPX-3500hd enables endoscopic and diagnostics technology. It offers clear images by using superior function such as structure and colour emphasis, automatic ligh control,  anti-blur and FICE patterns. The EPX-3500HD is compatible to full range of 590 and 530 endoscope series.



  • Specifications



    • Digital Output 2 x DVI (1280 X1024 p or 1920 x1080 p)
    • FICE: 3 preset patterns
    • IRIS
    • Image storage: USB Flash Drive


    LIGHT SOURCE xl-4450

    • Main lamp:  300W Xenon
    • Emergency: 75 W Halogen
    • Automatic light control
    • Air supply pump
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