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Veterinary Arthroscopy has gained wide acceptance due to rapid advance of all minimally invasive surgical procedures in horses and dogs surgery.

The advantages over traditional arthrotomy include improved access to joint structures, less postoperative pain, magnification of lesions, therapeutic flushing and faster patient recovery,less morbidity and fewer postoperative complications.

Arthroscopy is being performed currently for :

  • Shoulder : Osteochondal lesions, Subluxation

  • Elbow: Excision of the fragmented coronoid process,  Treatment of arthritis

  • Carpus : Cartilage fractures

  • Hip:  Articular trauma, Preoperative evaluation of hip dysplasia, Postoperative evaluation of TPO

  • Knee : Preoperative and postoperative evaluation of torn cruciate ligaments, Lesions of the common digital extensor

  • Tarsus: Excision of OCD fragments of the talus, Treatment of arthritis

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