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Diseases of the external and middle ear are common problems in dogs and cats. Certainly otitis externa is a major problem in companion animals.

Video otoscopy is important in deciding whether surgery is indicated and which surgical procedure would be most beneficial to the patient. Endomac otoscope thanks to the specific length and shape can be used  in dogs and cats  under anesthesia  as well as awake;  even in dog breeds with long aural passages.

The otoscope connected to the Integrated Video System provides much better visualization down the canal allowing a precise means of assessment of treatment and professional documentation of findings. Endomac Otoscope is provided with a working chanel and 2 way stopcock for use of instruments (flexible grasping or biopsy forceps, catheters..)  and irrigation/suction.

Otoscopy is being performed currently for:

  • Treatment of various conditions of the external ear

  • Assessment of ear drum and middle ear

  • Diagnostic sampling

  • Myringotomy

  • Ear flushing and suction through the channel;

  • Curettage of inflamed ears laden with debris

  • Removal of foreign bodies,

  • Polypectomy

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