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Fujinon EPX2500 Video Processor. Endomac Warranty

Fujinon Processor EPX2500. For Videoendoscopy


Fujinon Processor EPX2500. For Videoendoscopy.

Refurbished. Guarantee. 

The standard in high definition technology for endoscopy.
The new EPX-2500 is the processor of first choice for standard procedures. It stands out for its unquestionable cost efficiency and thanks to its digital video output (DVI) it provides the physician with high-definition images without quality loss. For certain diagnosis and successful interventions.

  • HD quality with digital interfaces
  • Electronic zoom with up to 2x magnification
  • Picture-in-picture function
  • Simple operation
  • Compatible with endoscopes in the 530 series, 250 series and 270 series
  • Patient information system for up to 44 individuals


High-resolution, cost-effective, user-friendly 
The EPX-2500 combines digital image quality with straightforward operation and an extremely affordable price.


Xenon light source.

The integrated light source in the new EPX-2500 provides the operating physician with images that are both bright and evenly illuminated. A total of nine different light gradients can be selected.


Straightforward operation.

The functions of the new EPX-2500 are clearly arranged and can be controlled quickly via an uncomplicated user interface. Additionally, the processor has a multi-switch that can activate options such as EMV, IRIS, EM and reset at the single press of a button.


Picture-in-picture function.

Two pictures at any time – this makes the new EPX-2500 a safe choice for examinations. In freeze mode, the movement of the endoscope is still shown in real time, helping to avoid injuries during ESD procedures, for example.


Improved imaging of blood vessels

The blood vessel function helps to enhance the representation of veins and capillaries. A high level of contrast ensures that they can be seen in clear detail.


2x zoom for instant magnification

At the push of a button, the new EPX-2500 provides an electronically enlarged picture that is magnified by up to 2x. There is hardly any loss of quality for the high-resolution images, and even the smallest of details can be determined quickly and without doubt.


High level of compatibility

Two ports allow you to connect endoscopes from both the 200 series and the 530 series by Fujifilm.

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