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Single Use Bronchoscope with Monitor and Bronchoscope


SKU: VM-003

Monitor for Single-use Bronchoscope Free Line

  • image processing
  • display
  • recording
  • size: 8"
  • weight: 1kg
  • video out put capacity: FULL HD, 1920*1080 pixels, HDMI
  • display resolution: 1024*768 pixels
  • video/picture storage: 32GB
  • rechargable battery working time: up to 4 hours


All-in-one processor :

  • FULL HD video out (HDMI). Easy to connect to second monitor
  • Recording system up to 32GB
  • Easy to use and ready to use
  • Portable: compact size and light weight (1 kg)

Single-Use Bronchoscope system means:

  • savings in maintenance and repair costs
  • products always ready and efficient
  • reducing the risk of cross infections
  • portable: light weight and compact
  • always ready to go, no need to wait for reprocessing
  • Ultra-compact and power-efficient CMOS
  • HD video at 30 frames per second (fps).


The bronchoscope is sterilizable by immersion and in ethylene oxide

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